Could Do Better

When I was at school, one of the most damning phrases that could appear on a report was “Could do better”. It had an implication of “Cannot be bothered to do better”. After I left school, I started to learn martial arts. I was interested in their background and the philosophies associated with them. Unfortunately, I accept that I have never had a particular talent for the physical aspects involved and now a medical condition prevents me from practising at all.

From time to time, I have stopped studying martial arts, sometimes for several years at a time, but I still return, to sample different styles.

Several years ago, a very talented martial artist friend of mine started teaching Tae Kwon Do, a Korean karate style, in Macclesfield. He persuaded me to come along to his lessons. I enjoyed them, when I've been able to attend, but I still have a certain peculiar sensation as I admire some of his skill, because I still remember introducing to martial arts when he was thirteen. He had approached me and said that he wanted to learn martial arts. I introduced him to a someone who was teaching me Cheena Adi, a Sri Lankan style. After his first few lessons, he showed a skill and talent. He continued to study until he started to teach. A lack of continued practice, and a little bit of aging, had some negative effects on my abilities so, periodically, in or after, a lesson, he’d say to me “you could do better... I've seen you”. I took that as a compliment, and it encouraged me to try harder.

So, the question I’ll ask of you is “How could I do better?”. Is there anything that the Dragon Thoughts web site could do better? Please let the Thinking Dragon know.