For speed, safety, security and flexibility Firefox is the best web browser that I know of. It is free to download and use.

Advantages of Firefox

Firefox is easy to use and simple to install. It provides safety and security from certain threats, such as spyware or accidental installation of viruses, trojans and other malware. It also improves the experience of using the internet, by giving people control of which adverts, pop-ups or other images. For convenience, it includes tabbed browsing, which lets you have several web sites open together.

Spyware and Adware prevention

Spyware can be installed by accidentally visiting a malicious web site. Spyware can track your usage of the Internet. Spyware sometimes records your security details. Spyware can pass your security details to criminals for use in identity theft. Spyware can sometime route your to web sites that you have no intention of visiting and in combination with adware it can destroy your internet experience by bombarding you for colourful adverts for products you would never consider buying.

Firefox has some built in protection from spyware and adware. Firefox stops spyware by not supporting ActiveX (which is one of the primary routes for infection with spyware).

Not even Firefox gives total protection, so if you do get infected with spyware or adware, what can you do about it? In general, download Spybot and run it to deal most common Windows adware and spyware. I personally run Spybot regularly, just in case. When you run Spybot, please remember to download new updates first.

Firefox gives Control over What is Installed on your Computer

With Firefox, when you visit a site that wants to install a program, whether it is one you chose, or adware or spyware, Firefox asks if you want to install a new program before doing anything with it. If you were expecting to download a program, you can give Firefox permission, otherwise cancel out and remain safe.

Many web sites have irritating pop-up adverts that get in the way. Firefox automatically blocks popups from appearing, but it does open up a line a the top of a page to let you know. If you wish to receive popups from the specific site in the future, you can click on the information line to allow pop-ups from just that site. You might want to allow pop-ups from your internet banking system, but you still want to banish adware ones. Firefox makes this selection quick and easy.

Block Embedded Images and Advertising

Firefox can include many extensions. Adblocker is one on the most popular. Once it is installed, you can right click on any image in a web page and banish it from appearing. Adblocker's simplicity adds to the ease of use of Firefox and helps you to Get Firefox!.