Puff, the Kosher Dragon

This particular parody of Puff The Magic Dragon has disturbing overtones that Puff can be vicious and murderous, as well as well as becoming a religious zealot..

This seems quite contrary to the original Puff the Magic dragon lyrics, where Puff seems to be a much more peaceful and fun loving dragon, who would stand up for the rights of all people, regardless of creed or culture.

The group Ruach recorded this version


Puff, the Kosher dragon, lived in Palestine
And frolicked in the synagogue
And drank Shapiro's wine
Little Rabbi Goldberg, loved that Kosher Puff
And fed him lox and matzah balls
And other Kosher stuff.

Now Puff became Bar Mitzvah, put on Tefillin every day
Wrapped up in his Tallis, oh that's the way he prayed
Made Brochos before eating, and he bentched after every meal
Imagine how religious it made that dragon feel.

Now, there were some people, who did things just for spite
They'd curse Jews and attack them, just to get into a fight
When Puff the dragon heard this, He roared a mighty roar
Now, those wicked people aren't with us any more.

Now, Puff the Kosher Dragon found himself a bride
Now, little Kosher dragons are his source of joy and pride
They'll grow up doing Mitzvos, learning Torah and davening, too
And Rabbi Goldberg teaching them, what Kosher dragons do.

Now, you who may be listening, may think we're making fun
But deep down in this story, there's a moral for everyone
If a dragon can wear a Kippa, keep Shabbos and Kosher, too
Then you can learn, like Puff did, how to be real good Jews.