Miscellaneous Dragon Associated Products

There are many products out on the market which are connected with dragons. Many of these are of ancient sources, but some are artificially modern, such as the made up "Nessie the Dragon Ringtones" for mobile phones, which appears to have been created in 2005 by the Jamster Club ringtone and videotone company. Many people complain of the high irritation value of some of the Jamster Club ringtone advertising in Britain and the USA , including the notorious Crazy Frog tone.

It is worth noting that Jamster! provide a continuous subscription service, rather than a single payment for a single ringtone or videotone download.

Dragon MedalionFor people seeking Japanese dragon products, a good range can be found at J-List. One of the nicest pieces that they sell is this medallion featuring a dragon wrapped around the word "Japan", in English lettering.

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