What are Dragon Thoughts?

The "dragon thoughts" are a constantly expanding set of articles. Consider this site as route to finding out about the world around you.

  • General articles, such as those on travel in Japan, are written to be easily accessible, much like an online coffee table magazine. They are based on actual experience, not just theory.
  • Dragon products are sometimes difficult to find. Dragonthoughts.com has an aim of linking together suppliers of dragon friendly products to make them easy to find, from one central dragon product index.
  • Teaching materials for learning Japanese are aimed at native English speakers. People with recent experience of learning Japanese have written them. These articles should be considered as an additional aid to learning Japanese, not a complete course in themselves.
  • Some technical articles are designed for a technical audience, so may have some difficult content, but others are designed as advice for ordinary, non-technical computer users, for example instructions on how to configure an English Windows computer to show Japanese or other non-roman letters.